�� Sibsagar Commerce College
Aims and Objectives

1) To impart higher education to the eligible youths in the discipline of commerce and allied subjects including professional courses.

2) To impart vocational training for livelihood through self enterpreneurship.

3) To instill in them a spirit of inquiry: scientific temperament and humanistic values.

4) To promote national integration and to make aware of the cultural heritage of the region.

5) To import training in games and sports, music, art & culture.

From the above aims and objectives of the college you may able to get an idea regarding the education and student experience of the college that are being imparted to the students. The college helps the students in gathering a lot of experience not only in the field of studies but also in the field of other activities such as cultural, sports etc. The students are given the facilities to go through different colleges and make their participation in different curriculum and activities.