Sibsagar Commerce College is considered to be one of the successful college under Dibrugarh University for providing placements to the students of the college. Different companies/organisations come to Dibrugarh University and they make a call to us for the students, so that the students can gather a lot of experience through campus interview and get selected. Recently, two students Navajyoti Baruah and Baishali Nath of BCA Department of our college got selected in WIPRO Campus Interview Recruitment which is the highest among all colleges under Dibrugarh University. So, we hope that in the upcoming days, the college will be providing much more better education and motivation as well as opportunities to the students so that they can live their life in a better and successful way.

Vision and Mission


The vision of Sibsagar Commerce College is to establish itself as a comprehensive institute, excellent in commerce education and social sciences and responding to the changing realities of a globalised world. The vision is also to facilitate the creation of policies and programmes for developing professional approach and to serve as a valuable resources for industry and society as a whole.


1) To provide quality education of national standard in the discipline of commerce and social-science.

2) To create a conductive environment that supports the teaching and learning of commerce education and social-science.

3) Providing excellence in professional educational educational programmes that would complement the general degree course for the benefit of the students as well as the ultimate benefit of the society.

4) To create a congenial atmosphere for promoting research activities.

5) Facilitate the development of competent mindset among students alongwith sense of value.

6) To undertake collaborative projects offering opportunities for long-term interactions with academia and industry.

7) To develop the entrepreneurial and I.T skills and capacity building measures of the students as well as social groups and SHG's etc.

8) To promote sports and extra-curricular activities for the all round development of the students.

9) To develop ecological awareness among the stakeholders.