B.A./B.Com 6th Semester Examination (Regular/Backlog), 2020


Before starting the exam

1. Candidate should keep ready a Computer / Laptop with good Internet connection. • (In case of non availability of Computer/Laptop)
Candidate should have two devices (if possible), one for downloading question paper and submission of answer script and another for video conferencing via Zoom App.
2. Candidates are advised to install Google Meet Application on or before 5th Oct for video conferencing.
3. While Creating Google Meet account, all students should use their Full Name & Roll No. as printed on Admit Card. (Eg.: AjayKumar21)
4. While installing the webcam students must note that no books, notes or paper except answer script, pen/pencil and etc must be in the webcam frame.
5. The students writing table and his/her clear picture must be covered within the webcam frame.
6. Students are advised to prepare their answer script pages (as per university guidelines) before commencement of examination.
7. Link, Meeting ID & Password for video conferencing will be released 1 hour before commencement of the examination (everyday). The link for video conferencing will be given on the college website and separate meeting ID & Password for entering the video conferencing of everyday examination will be given in the respective departments whatsapp group and college website.

During the exam

1. Everyone must switch on their webcam and mute audio. If anyone’s webcam found off that may be reported to the university authority.
2. Candidates Examination Room behavior will be strictly noted and if anyone found violating the examination rules or doing mispractices will be reported to the university.
3. The student may not use his or her textbook, course notes, or receive help from any other outside source.
4. Students must complete the exam within the 1 hour and 30 minutes time frame allotted for the exam.

After Examination

1. After Completion of 1 hour and 30 minutes (Examination hour),, students should utilize the remaining 30 minutes for uploading their answer script as per university guidelines.
2. If any student fail to upload the answer script on the university examination portal, then without wasting time he/she must hurry to the nearest College holding B.A./B.Com/Bsc. 6th semester examination under Dibrugarh University to submit their answer script.
3. For packeting the answer script students must keep ready a brown A4 size envelope (Large) & a brown or black tape for sealing the packet.
4. On the envelope students must write Exam Roll, Reg No, Name of the subject, Major/ Gen, Course Code (as per question paper), Date of exam, Shift (Morning/Evening) and their self signature. Sealing the packet and writing the students particulars on their cover envelope will not be the responsibility of the college.
5. While submitting answer script packet to the nearest College (in case of failure to upload), don’t forget to collect the acknowledgement receipt which will be issued by the college authority and that acknowledgement receipt may be used for further references (if any).
6. The students must show their registration & admit card while submitting the packet otherwise the concern college will not accept the answer script packet.

If you have any questions, please contact at
or email Examinationscc@gmail.com