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The Principal (Dr.Saumarjyoti Mahanta)

From The Principal's Desk

In the 21st century the worship of knowledge becomes more imperative and pertinent for the student community since it the era when 'Knowledge is Power'. However,this knowledge needs to be coupled through information and technology, the synergy of both is important for sucess in any field.

The awareness of growing diversification in any branch of knowledge has been keenly observed and the passion and interest should be the criteria for deciding the area to be pursued. At a time when the place and location of the individual have become insignificant due to the rapid progress of technology and transportation, one needs to think himself increasingly as a global citizen.

However, apart from gaining knowlede, the student community should also place equal importance to moral values and spirituality. Without these things man would become more like a machine and that would not be a good thing for human beings on this planet.

Our college is making rapid progress in almost all dimensions and to progress further the active co-operation of all students becomes essential. I welcome all the new students to this college and expect them to pursue new areas of knowledge introduced in our college. I hope that they will not only mould their own future but also co-operate and lend their helping hand in shaping the direction of the institution.

Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta


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