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 Sibsagar Commerce College was established on the 30th of June 1969. It was brought under deficit grant-in-aid system by the Government of Assam W.E.F 01-12-1975. The college has a distinctive position of its own in the field of higher education in upper Assam. It has been playing a significant role in creating the atmosphere among the young generation about the trade, commerce & industry. The Sibsagar Commerce College started its journey with a few students under the Principalship of Gauri Bhusan Baruah and flourished into a full fledged college under the Principalship of Smt. Dipali Chaliha. After crossing many initial hurdles, the college crossed another difficulty by the end of the year 2003 in the form of NAAC Gradation. The college accepted the challenge for institutional assessment and accreditation. The Principal, the teachers, office staff, students, guardians and the alumni all geared up to face the NAAC per team(12th & 13th Dec.2003)and the college was finally awarded with 'B' grade.

 The Department of BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications) came into existance in the college in the year 2004 and it was recognised in the Dibrugarh University in the year 2005-06. It is noteworthy that some other Self-Financing courses such as PGDCA etc.(affliated under Dibrugarh University) Certificate-Courses such as TALLY etc. has been introduced in the college. The college has also been enlisted in the scheme of Provincialisation of Government of Assam with effect from 01-12-2005.\ The college has also adopted the village Palashani under Community Development Programme for its all round socio-economic development. The District Administration has been actively supporting the college for the rapid development of the village. The college was also again reacrredidated with 'B-Grade' recently on March, 2015. The college has also become one of the successful college in upper Assam for providing placements to the students.



  The vision of Sibsagar Commerce College is to establish itself as a comprehensive institute, excellent in commerce education and social sciences and responding to the changing realities of a globalised world.

The vision is also to facilitate the creation of policies and programmes for developing professional approach and to serve as a valuable resources for industry and society as a whole.


* To provide quality education.
* To create a conductive environment.
* Providing excellence in professional educational educational programmes that would complement the general degree course for the benefit of the students as well as the ultimate benefit of the society.
* To develop the entrepreneurial and I.T skills and capacity building measures of the students as well as social groups and SHG's etc.

From The Principal's Desk

In the 21st century the worship of knowledge becomes more imperative and pertinent for the student community since it the era when 'Knowledge is Power'. However,this knowledge needs to be coupled through information and technology, the synergy of both is important for sucess in any field.The awareness of growing diversification in any branch of knowledge has been keenly observed and the passion and interest should be the criteria for deciding the area to be pursued.

At a time when the place and location of the individual have become insignificant due to the rapid progress of technology and transportation, one needs to think himself increasingly as a global citizen.However, apart from gaining knowlede, the student community should also place equal importance to moral values and spirituality. Without these things man would become more like a machine and that would not be a good thing for human beings on this planet.Our college is making rapid progress in almost all dimensions and to progress further the active co-operation of all students becomes essential. I welcome all the new students to this college and expect them to pursue new areas of knowledge introduced in our college. I hope that they will not only mould their own future but also co-operate and lend their helping hand in shaping the direction of the institution.

1) To impart higher education to the eligible youths.
2) To impart vocational training for livelihood through self enterpreneurship.
3) To instill in them a spirit of indquiry: scientific temperament and humanistic values.
4) To promote national integration and to make aware of the cultural heritage of the region.
5) To import training n games and sports, music, art & culture.

The college is managed by a Governing Body constituted by the Govt. of Assam as per provision of Assam College(Provincialisation) Act,2005 under Assam Act No. XLVI of 2005.

1) The students have to maintain high standards of discipline, morality and good conduct.
2) The students should abide by rules and regulations of the college as well as hostels prescribed by the college authority from time to time.
3) Violation of college rules, irregular attendence, damage of college property, discourtesy to the teachers and college stafin in any form, adoption of unfair means in the examination hall may lead to suspension, compulsory trasnfer or expulsion from the college and hostel.
4) The students union is to act for the greater interest of the students and the institution. It shall be subject to the guidance and control of the college authority.
5) All powers of maintanance of discipline and healthy atmosphere of the college and hostel are vested with principal and his decision will be the final in these matters.
6) Students should leave their bicycles, scooters locked in the shed provided for the purpose. No vehicle should be parked outside and in any other place of the college campus.

B.Com and B.A BOYS: White shirt and black trousers.
GIRLS: Light purple kurta, white patiala pyjama & white dupatta/ Light purple coloured blouse,white chaddar with purple border,muga coloured mekhela, black coloured sweater in winter season.
B.C.A BOYS: Sky blue shirt, grey trousers, dark blue tie & black shoes.
GIRLS: White saree with blue border, white blouse/White kurta & pyjama with sky blue dupatta.
PGDCA BOYS: Sky blue shirt, black trousers, dark blue tie & black shoes.
GIRLS: White saree with purple border & white blouse/ White kurta & pyjama with purple dupatta.
Uniform Accessories Each student is issued an Identity Card and a college badge during the time of admission.The students must carry the Identity Card while coming to the college and should also wear the college badge which is a part of the uniform.

  It is mandatory to attend classes regularly and punctually. Willful absence from the classes will be treated as a serious breach of the college discipline. As per norms each student is required to obtain a minimum p.c of 75% of attendance to be a regular candidate. If his/her p.c of attendance is between 65% to 75%, he/she will be non-collegiate and if he/she cannot attain minimum 65% attendence, he/she will be treated as dis-collegiate. The percentage attendance also carries marks in the internal assessment evaluation. Therefore the attendance needs to be taken seriously.

1) No mobile phone will be permitted inside the campus.
2) Ragging is completely prohibited. Anyone found involved in this act will be expelled from the college and FIR will be lodged with the police
3) Any problem faced by the students should be brought to the notice of the principal.

  Ragging of any kind is strictly prohibited in the college campus as per the anti ragging guidelines provision. In case of any complain, it is to be immediately reported to the convener of Grievances Redressal Cell
Convener- Mr. Biswadeep Borkakaoty , 9435356797
Member- Mrs. Roonie Bothakur(Vice Principal), 9954479620
And necessary strict action will be taken against the concerned person.

  The college library has a collection of 21,348 books which include 12,251 text books and 9,097 reference books. The number of Magazines/Periodicals subscribed by the library is thirteen and number of journals subscribed is six. The number of newspapers in English is eight and Assamese is two. Other facilities in the library include Book-Bank, Reprographic facility, Internet etc.
Students may borrow books from the college library against issued cards. There are sufficient books for each subject. The working hours of the library is 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. The library has a good selection of other books and it has the capacity to fulfil the needs of the students and teachers alike. The library has a collection of some rare books which can be used as reference material.
There is a reading room attached to the library. Students can read the reference books, daily newspapers and journals provided. Books are also lent from the Book-Bank to the poor and meritious students.
SOUL 2.0 software has been introduced in the library in the year 2013.


The College has started the B.A.(Honours) and Pass Course from the academic session 2015-16 with BA(Honours) in Socioogy and MA(Honours) in English under Dibrugarh University. read more

The Department of BCA envisions imparting high eminence skills in software Development to excel in Software Industry and to train the students to develop the soft skills with global standards and enhance their knowledge in Information Technology. read more..

The Department aims at providing high quality training to students through the latest in computer technology. The syllabi and courseware are planned to be flexible and wide-ranging, incorporating the cutting edge as well as ensuring a firm grasp of core fundamentals. read more..

The college has started the M.com (Honours) from the academic session 2015-16 with M.Com Honours in Finance and Marketing under Dibrugarh University. read more..

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