The National Cadet Corps (NCC) was formed in the year 1948 under the aegis of 'University Corps' that was created under the Indian Defence Act of 1917. The primary objective of 'University Corps' was to make up for the shortage in the Army arising within it. The National Cadet Corps is open to school and college students of India. It is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Wing, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. It recruits cadets from high schools, higher secondary, colleges and universities all over India on voluntary basis. The cadets enrolled in various institutions are given basic military training in small arms and drill. Besides these, they are also involved to take up social as well as community services in India. The officers and cadets have no liability for active military service once they complete their course. It is the youth wing of Indian Armed Forces and its declared Motto is "Unity and Discipline". In living up to its motto, the NOC strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of the nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of the country and molding them into united and disciplined citizens of the nation. The college has an NCC (NAVAL WING) division with cadet strength of 54 cadets. The division is under the command of 49 Assam Naval Unit of Dibrugarh Group Head Quarter of North Eastern Region (NER) directorates. Mrs. Junti Patar, CTO of the institution who looks after the division. The cadets' enrolled under the division has been regularly attending the different camps conducted in National and Regional level where they are taught in different water born activities like Boat puling, Sailing, Semaphore, Riffle drill, Foot drill etc. A large number of NCC cadets of our college appear in "B" and "C" certificates examination every year. "B" and "C" certificates examinations has been organized by 49 Assam Naval Unit, Sibsagar under the control of three NCC Group Head quarters.