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Boys Hostel
Residential Facilities: The institute provides residential facilities for its students. There are separate hostels for both Girls and Boys. Girls Hostel: There are two girls hostel that are located inside the campus. The old hostel has 20 seats and the new hostel has 25 seats. The hostel is accommodated with spacious area for students provided with bed, table, chair, steel locker and sanitary napkin vending machine. There is a separate meeting room where the warden can address concerns to its residents. The mess functioned by women cooks who are appointed by the college. The hostel provides purified drinking water and rain water harvesting. The hostel committee conducts counseling sessions as well as training sessions for its students on self help development. The hostel residents are under strict vigilance of the warden and hostel committee.

The Girls Hostel Committee

Mrs. Junti Patar
Contact No: 7002256483

1. Dr. Lakhimi Dutta
2. Mrs. Mrinali Mahanta
3. Mr. Prafulla Saikia
4. Mrs. Bulbuli Saikia
5. Hostel Monitors (Current)

The boy’s hostels are located in Baniabari which is 3kms away from college campus. Both the hostels combined have 45 seats in total. The hostel is furnished with bed, table, chair, steel locker and spacious area for its residents. The hostel premise has an indoor stadium and a field for various sports and other activities. The mess provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The hostel residents are provided with purified drinking water. There is a common room for the boys where important meetings, discussions and counseling sessions are conducted.

The Boys Hostel Committee

Mr. Prafulla Saikia
Contact No-9435055749

1. Dr. Prodip Gogoi
2. Mr. Rajuimoni Sharma
3. Mrs. Mrinali Mahanta