(Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta, M.Sc.,PhD)
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   Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta is an academic, reciter, writer, scholar, editor and a noted critic who is a guiding force of the college. As a Professor, Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta has been teaching graduates and post-graduates for over thirty years. He has presented papers in various regional, national and international seminars. He presents his academic work frequently in numerous journals, newspapers and peer reviewed publications. His contribution towards community development, Sports and Cultural upliftment is remarkable. He is also an active member in Sibsagar Rowing, swimming club. He has been the chief advisor of Sibsagar Press Club. Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta is the President of Assam College Principals’ Council since 2022. He has been the resource person of lecture programmes organized my various colleges on New Education Policy, 2020 (NEP, 2020). Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta is an executive member of Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam and life members of The India Science Congress Association, North East India Council for Social Science Research, Assam Science Society, Indian Geological Congress and North East India Council for Social Science Research. Dr. Saumar Jyoti Mahanta has been awarded “Damchau Nagendranath Burhagohain Shmarak Bota 2019” and The Best educationist award By International Institute of Education and Management, New Delhi, 24 th May 2018.

“Role of media in Curbing pollution caused by oil exploration of ONGC”, International Congress of Environmental Research, 16-18th September, 2010, Reduit (Mauritius).

“Tourism across the Indian ocean: A comparative study of Mauritus and India with special reference to Sivasagar district of Assam”, International Seminar on Road Map for Development of Tourism in Northeast India, Initiated by Purbanchal Tai Shitya Sabha 11-12th December, 2010.

National Seminar on “Sustainable Management and Conservation of Environment” sponsored by UGC, NERO, Guwahati.

National Seminar on “Ecology and Environment in NE India: Past and Present”, sponsored by Council of Historical Research (ICHR), New Delhi.

International Conference on Regional Economic Co-Operation, organized by Margherita College, 18-19th January, 2004.

Seminar on “Doctor Patient Relationship” organized by Indian Medical Association, Sivasagar, on 26th June 2009.

“Impact of Oil Industries on Biological Diversity of Sivasagar, Assam” organized by Ministry of Forests Govt. of India.

“A Preliminary survey Survey of Ethnobotanical Importance Plants of Abhoypur Reserve Forests of Sivasagar District, Assam, sponsored by UGC.

“Importance of Phytodiversity, its life supporting system and Tradition in NE India, sponsored by Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), New Delhi.

“The Evolution and Present status of Assamese Science Literature”, organized by “Sahitya Akademi”.

“Socio-Cultural Assimilation in Northeast India and Southeast Asia” organized by Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College during 30th April-01st May, 2018 as Resource Person

National Seminar on “Utilization of 11th Plan UGC Grants”, organized by MDKG College, Dibrugarh on 25th April, 2012

“The Changing Environmental Accounting and Examination Role of Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd.” Presented on National Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Reporting Practices, organized by Dept. of Commerce, Assam University (Diphu Campus), held during 18-19th September, 2015

National Conference of Indian Colleges Forum on “Challenges of Development of Highr Education through Public and Private Initiatives” organized by SEED-ICF in collaboration with Assam Coillege Principals Council and Kaziranga University, during 23rd – 25th April, 2015

Organized “National Symposium on Issues and Challenges of Globalization in the Present Context with Special Reference to Literature, Culture and Commerce” on 22nd April, 2012 by Sibsagar Commerce College

“Principal’s Meet” organized by HRDC, Gauhati University held during 6th-7th July, 2018

Paper entitled “Problem and Prospect of Big Dam Construction in the North East India: A Study on the Role of Assamese Print Media” presented at the International Seminar and workshop on Energy, Sustainability and Development, organized by Sibsagar College and CSIR-NEIST, during 12-14th October, 2012

“Participation of Schedule Caste Community students in Commerce Education: Status Challenges and Opportunities with special reference to Sivasagar” paper presented at 27th Annual Conference of Council for Teacher Education, India on “Inclusion and Qualitative Expansion in Education-Issues and Challenges”, organized by Dept. of Education, Dibrugarh University, held during 7-9th February, 2013

National Level Webinar on Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture Marketing Sector of Assam, organized by Sibsagar Commerce College in Collaboration with LISPA, held on 28th July, 2020

A web Symposium on “Role of Women in Socio-Economic Transformation” organized by Sibsagar Commerce College, held on 19th August, 2020 (as President)

National Level Web-Lecturer Series organized by IQAC, Sibsagar Commerce College and LISPA, held on 22nd July, 2020 (as Inaugurator)

Webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights and E-Content Development”, organized by Central Library and IQAC, Sibsagar Commerce College, held on 21st July, 2020 (as Inaugurator)

Waste disposal Management, organized by Dept. of Applied Geology, Dibrugarh University. March 2007.

Earthquake Hazard and North East India, organized by Dept. of Applied Geology, Dibrugarh University, 28th March, 2005.

Role of Mass Media in Disaster Management organized by Civil Defence Department, Sivasagar, on 15 June 2009-Resource Person.

“Career Counseling Workshops” organized by ONGC, Sivasagar, on 12th December 2008-Resource Person.

“Role of Oil PSU’s in the National Building Processes, organized by All India SC & ST Employees and Welfare Association, ONGC, Sivasagar, on 9th October 2009-Resource Person.

Media Workshop, organized by NEST, on 25th February 2006.

Global Warming: Its Impact on Economy, organized by Sibsagar College, Dept. of Economics on 4th November 2009-Resource Person.

Workshop on AIDS Awareness organized by Rotary Club, Sivasagar-Resource Person.

“Comparative Research Methodology and its Recent Development” organized by The Kalanchupar Research Institute, Sivasagar on 26th September 2010-Resource Person.

Coordinator for National Workshop on Foldscope, jointly organized by Sibsagar Commerce College, SV Govt. PG College and North East Twining Partner, held on 14th December, 2018

Entrepreneurship Workshop organized by Assam Rajiv Gandhi University of Cooperative Management, held on 14th September, 2019

Orientation Programme on Planning and Management of Higher Education Institution for the Principals of affiliating colleges offering Undergraduate courses of North Eastern Region, organized by Det. Of Higher and Professional Education, held at Dept. of Education, NEHU, during 16-20th June, 2014

Workshop on “Students Centered Teaching: Pedagogy to Andragogy” organized by Assam Rajiv Gandhi University of Cooperative Management, Sivasagar, held on 9th July, 2019

Workshop on Promotion of Tourism in Northeast India, organized by International Shiva Festival 2018, held during 13-16th February, 2018

Resource Person at National Workshop on Gandhian Approaches to Present Global Issues and Challenges, organized by Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College, held during 28th Oct.-3rd Nov. 2017

Knowledge Sharing Programme on “Effective Learning through Facilitation: Role of Academic Leaders” at Principal’s Meet, Guwahati, organized by IBS and ICFAI Group, held on 29th Sept. 2018.

Seven Day National Workshop on “National Education Policy 2020 and Gandhian Education Philisophy” organized by Jhanji Hemnath College, held during 25th Feb.-3rd March, 2021

Resource Person at “Gramyya Kriya Homaroh”, organized by Village Icon Club, Konwarpur, held during 22nd-26th January, 2021

Resource Person at the National Workshop on “Skill Development under Community College Scheme”, organized by Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidlaya, Jorhat, held during 1st-2nd September, 2017

Resource Person at the “International Day for Disaster Reduction”, organized by Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Sivasagar, held on 13th October, 2017

Resource Person at the International Seminar on “Managerial Practices for Development”, organized by Assam Rajiv Gandhi University of Cooperative Management, held on 17th November, 2017

Resource Person for Lecturer Programme on “National Education Policy” 2020; organized by J.G.S.G. College, Bokakhat

Life Member of “The India Science Congress Association”, Membership No.-L13736.

Life Member of “North East India Council for Social Science Research”.

Life Member of “Assam Science Society”.

Life Member of “Indian Geological Congress”.

Life Member of “North East India Council for Social Science Research”

Life Member of “The Indian Science Congress Association”

Member of “The Kalanchupar Research Institute”.

Advisor, NEST (National Educational, Social and Traditional Knowledge Foundation, Regd. No.-5504).

Jury Member of “Gyan Kumbh Mela” organized by ONGC on the eve of 54th ONGC Day.

Member “Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle”.

Executive Member of “Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam”

Member of “Nehru Yuva Kendra, Sivasagar District”

Member of “National Institute of Fire & Safety Engineering, Nagpur”

Member of “Regional Transport Authority, Sivasagar”

Executive Member of “Labour Commissioner, Sivasagar”

University Representative for “Board of Management for Community College, Dibrugarh University”

Member of Governing Body, HCDG College, Nitaipukhiri, Sivasagar

Member of District Level Celebration of Teachers Day

Member of Expert Appraisal Committee for Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India

Member of Governing Body, SMD College, Charing, Sivasagar

Member of “Sivasagar Dole Unnayan Parisad”

Member of District Scrutiny Committee for Implementation of the Assam Venture Educational Institute, Govt. of Assam

Member of District Scrutiny Committee for Higher and Secondary Education, Govt. of Assam

Member of Governing Body, Nazira College, Sivasagar

Member at the “District Committee on Electoral Literacy”, DC, Sivasagar

Member at the City Level CIDF Implementation and Monitoring Committee, DC, Sivasagar

Member at the DEAC and DEIAA, DC Sivasagar

Executive Member at the VMC Executive Committee, ONGC Sivasagar

Member at the Monitoring Committee for Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.

Member at the Public Outreach Committee for Archaeology Matters, DC Sivasagar

Member at the National Green Tribunal, DC Sivasagar

Member at the District e-Governance Society, DC Sivasagar

Member at the New Framework and Institutional Structure for Environmental Clearance for Building and Construction Sector, DC Sivasagar

Advisory Member for the Survey work of boundary of Ahom Raja Maidam, DC Sivasagar

Board Member of “Community Radio Center” K.K. Handique State Open University, Gargaon College.

Member of Gargaon College Governing Body for the year 2008.

Member of the Permanent Career Guidance cell, Govt. of Assam, Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Sivasagar.

External Examiner / Internal Practical Examiner to different colleges of Dibrugarh University for several times.

Executive Member for the implementation of CBCS in UG Academic Programmes unider Dibrugarh University

University Observer for B.Ed. Examination, Dibrugarh University

Observer of Examination Centers for UG Examination, Dibrugarh University

Executive Member of IQAC Cell, Dibrugarh University

Vice Chancellor Nominee for the Building Construction Committee, Jhanji HNS College, Sivasagar

Member in the Free Textbook Distribution in Sivasagr District, DC, Sivasagar

Zonal Member of Answer Script Evaluation, Dibrugarh University

Member at the Academic Council, Dibrugarh University

Member at the Academic Planning Committee, Dibrugarh University

Zonal Officer at the UG Examination, Dibrugarh University

Inspection of Examination Centre for HS Final Exam, Assam Higher Secondary Education Council

Executive Member of District Level Examination Supervision Committee, Inspector of Schhols, SDC, Sivasagar

Executive Member at the District Level Selection Committee for the post of Teachers, District Elementary Education Office, Sivasagar

Member at the Vidyalaya Management Committee, Kendra Vidyalaya Nazira

Coordination for the Course Curriculum of Commerce at the Higher Secondary Level, SEBA

Member at the Advisory Committee to Vice Chancellor of Universities, appointed by Governor of Assam

Member at the Meeting of Task Force on Academic Affairs, Dibrugarh University

Advisor, Chintar Samikhyan, Edited book published by Kalpataru Paublication (Editorial and Publications Committee of Assam College Teachers’ Research Unit)

Editor, Indian Journal of Social-Science and Sciences, a half yearly multidisciplinary journal of Kalanchupar Research Institute

• Edited Book: BANIZ: A Book on Trade, Commerce and Industry of Assam, published by Sibsagar Commerce College (ISBN:81-202-8773-8 978-81-202-8773-0 ), 2nd Edition, 2014

• Edited Book: India’s North-East and South-East Asia: The Ethnic Connect, published by Sibsagar Commerce College

• Edited Book: Atithya: A Book on Booming Hospitality Industry (ISBN: 978-81-202-8827-0), 1st Edition, 2016, published by Sibsagar Commerce College

• Book Chapter: “Big Dams’ in North-East India-A Policy to be Reviewed by Mass Media with special reference to NHPC, Lower Subansiri Dam” in “Etu Hitu Bohutu” Published by Assam Sahitya Sabha

• “Majnikhar Swadhinata” published by Jyoti Prakashan

• Published more than 200 Articles on different issues in the vernacular papers, magazines, journals and periodicals.

• The Transliteration of “Petroleum: An Introduction”-written by Vijay H. Pandya to Assamese (will be published by National Book Trust, India)

• “Prak Swadhinata Kalat Asomor Shiksha Jagat” a research article published in Chintar Samikhyan, Edited book published by Kalpataru Paublication (Editorial and Publications Committee of Assam College Teachers’ Research Unit)

• “Samajik Madhyam Uttar-Adhunik Ganatantrik Ganamadhyam Hobone” an article published in Gariyakhi (December, 2021), a leading periodicals of Assam (ISSN: 2349-5324)

Title: DBT Foldsocpe Research Project on “Development and Rural Sanitation in the SC People of Polashani Village in Sivasagar District” (Completed on: 25th November, 2019) Amount: Rs. 8,00,000/-

Title: Deposit on study on the Coal deposits of Anaki, Mokokchung District, Nagaland (UGC Minor Research Project sponsored by University Grants Commission). (Completed on: 25th November, 2019)