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The Department of Banking and Insurance was established in the year 1988 by one faculty member. Since 1989, the department became fully functional and at present there are three faculties in the rank of Associate Professor. Earlier the college ran only on two departments, i.e., accountancy and management. By adding the department of Banking and Insurance the college got a new dimension in the finance sector of the district. The department aims to increase knowledge, understanding and excel students in the field of the Banking and Insurance.

• The Banking and Insurance course offers the students to learn and enlighten themselves into the world of financial sector.
• To understand the role, functions and structure of commercial banks.
• To learn and analyze various insurance norms and investment policies.
• This course aims at providing students with general understanding of the role of banking industry and the insurance industry in the sector of working economy.

  • Business Law - C102
    Business Law - CC202
    Indian Banking System - DSE404
    Indian Banking System - DSE501
    Fundamentals of Insurance - DSE502
    Insurance Management DSE602
    Indian Financial Management - DSE603
Dr. Devajit Saharia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Banking & Insurance
Date of Joining : 1989-12-19
Contact Details : 9435516234,

Additional Responsibility :
1. Convener: UGC Committee
2. Convener: Planning and Development Committee
3. Convener: RUSA Committee

Mr. Bijoy Kr. Saikia
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Banking & Insurance
Date of Joining : 1991-12-18
Contact Details : 9706115164,

Additional Responsibility :
1. Joint conveners: Distance Education Committee

Mr. Prafulla Saikia
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Banking & Insurance
Date of Joining : 1993-08-05
Contact Details : 9435055749,

Additional Responsibility :
1. Convener: Campus Maintenance Committee
2. Convener: Media Cell
3. Convener: Hostel Committee (Boys)

Teaching programme, social activities motivational and counselling to senior secondary school in our nearby areas. We offer teaching in M. Com (Regular) classes in our college.

1. Self-employment
2. Jobs in Financial Sector
3. Engagement in NGO’s
4. Entry in T Higher Education

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