Department of HRM & Marketing

Course Offered
Present Faculties
Programmes and achievements of the department
The Department of MANAGEMENT was established in the year 1977 Management Department was among one of the pioneer Department rendering continuums service to the academic arena of growth and development of Commerce education in the Sibsagar District. Presently the Department is offering, two specialty programs namely Human Resource Management and Marketing Management.

The Department of HRM & Marketing Aims:

  • To impart accessibility of quality education with innovative teaching and learning process.
  • Maintain the quality of examination procedure, upgrade interactive sessions with students and uphold friendly student-teacher relationship.
  • To imply practical pedagogy along with theoretical management education.
  • Devote for contribution towards the community development and welfare.

    • 1. Human Recourse Management C302
    • 2. Management Principles and Applications C303
    • 3. Principal Of Marketing C511
    • 4. Human Recourse(Industrial Relation) DSE501
    • 5. Marketing (Consumer Behavior) DSE 501
    • 6. Human Recourse (Human Recourse Development) DSE 502
    • 7. Marketing (Retail Management) DSE 502
    • 8. Labor and Industrial Law C601
    • 9. Service Marketing C403
    • 10. Trade Unionism DSE602
    • 11. Advertising Management DSE 602

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