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The department of sociology sibsagar commerce college was started in 2013.Since the veryonset, the department has been actively engaging with the discipline of sociology through academics as well as curricular activities . Sociology department has been influencing the arena of arts education in sivasagar district since its establishment .Departmentof sociology Sibsagar Commerce College has presently increased its charm to a great extent

The objectives of the department are as follows :

• Building a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter , its scope and concerns of sociology.
• Distinguishing between common sensical knowledge and sociological knowledge.
• Understanding the relationship of sociology with other discipline such as , anthropology, history ,political science, and natural science.
• Building a better understanding of the compositions of society ,criticallyanalyzing how society functions and sustains itself
• Comprehending sociological concepts and theories by being able to draw from everyday realities and life experiences.

Department offered four courses:

1. Three year’s regular B.A. Honours and Non- Honours course based on modern semester (6) and CBCS

2. Six month’s two Add-On course :

a. Basics in Art and Craft
b. Basics in Fashion and Lifestyle

3. Three month’s Certificate course on YOGA.

As per New Curriculum prescribed by UGC under B.A. Honours programme 14 core papers and 05 electives papers are taught.


1. Introducing to Sociology I
2. Sociology of India I
3. Introduction to Sociology II
4. Sociology of India II
5. Political Sociology
6. Sociology of Religion
7. Sociology of Gender
8. Economic Sociology
9. Sociology of Kinship
10. Social Stratification
11. Sociological Thinkers I
12. Sociological Research Methods I
13. Sociological Thinkers II
14. Sociological Research Methods II


1. Urban Sociology
2. Environmental Sociology
3. Sociology of Work
4. Sociology of Health and Medicine
5. Societies in North – East India

The course is also comprised of paper on Soft- Skills including ICT, Communication and problem solving skills as well as Self-Study on Urban community and literature work.

As per New Curriculum prescribed by UGC under B.A. Non- Honours programme 4 core papers and 02 electives papers are taught.


1. Introducing to Sociology I
2. Sociology of India II
3. Sociology Theories
4. Method of Sociological Enquiry


1. Religion and Society
2. Marriage ,Family and Kinship
Six month’s Add-On course is comprised of one paper in one course such as:

1. Basics in Art and Craft
2. Basics in Fashion and Lifestyle.
Three month’s Certificate course is comprised of one paper
1. Introducing to YOGA
Mrs. Junjun Das
Guest lecturer,
Dept. of Sociology
Date of Joining : 2015-03-07
Contact Details : 7002789027,

Additional Responsibility :

Miss Princy Phukan
Guest lecturer,
Dept. of Sociology
Date of Joining : 2021-09-20
Contact Details : 8723864290,

Additional Responsibility :

Torali Chetia
Guest lecturer,
Dept. of Sociology
Date of Joining : 2024-02-01
Contact Details : 9613831413,

Additional Responsibility :


It will not out of place to point out achievements of the department in a nutshell. The department has taken step to initiate the alumni association. The associations meet regularly and take steps for the betterment of the department and also the society. The department has revised its syllabus making it more of an applied nature. Faculty members integrate themselves with society and updating their knowledge from their research and field experiences. The department of Sociology is engaged in the study of taking up the research in the areas of weaker sections, women studies, issues arising out of the process of development and change.The department organizes many program like YOGA competition,Webinar ,seminar ,Quiz competition ,MUN,Workshop on YOGA etc.

Student Achievements

We work so closely with each of our students, so we’re proud of every accomplishment — and their achievements really make an impression. Here’s a brief glimpse into their many successes.
1. In 2020 two of our students,Ms.Sristiparna Rajkhowa (77.86%)and MS. Farhana Begum (76.50%) were ranked 4th and 6th position in the University.
2. In 2022 four of our students, Ms.BhabnaDutta (8.38 ),Ms. Bidishasarmah(8.20), Ms. Amishadutta, MS. PronamikaDowarah(8.04) were ranked 24th ,35th , 40th and 46th position in the University.
3. In 2022 one of our students MS. Afshana Begum were securing 1st position in the Dist. “Youth convention yuvasamv Competition “held on 24th September in connection with ”YUVA UTSAV 2022”

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