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The Department of Political Science was established in the year 1969 with single faculty member. After the retirement of the faculty member the post was lying vacant in the college since 2012 to 2022. The college authority sends all the related documents to the Higher Education Department of Assam for the prior permission and approval of the post which was lying vacant since a long period. After getting the permission and approval from the DHE, Assam was sanctioned with only one post in the said department. The department has formed in the year 2022 with both major and regular courses being introduced in the academic session 2022-23. The department, since its inception, has played an active role in the overall development of the college by creating a conductive learning environment.

• To create an environment for the students of Political Science to enhance their personality beyond the class room teachings through different activities.
• To create a platform in which the students can initiate dialogues, intellectual debates, discussions and interaction within themselves and with the teachers and people coming from diverse fields on various issues.
• To create a researcher- friendly environment for the students.
• To create study habits amongst the students on the divers issues and of different genres.
• To encourage the students to develop their writing aptitude in both research and creative as well as descriptive writing.

  • 1 Understanding Political Theory -C1
    2 Constitutional Government and Democracy in India - C2
    3 Nationalism in India - GE-1A
    4 Political Theory-Concepts and Debates - C3
    5 Political Processes in India - C4
    6 Feminism in India - GE-2A
    7 Gandhi and the Contemporary World - GE-2B
    8 Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics - C5
    9 Perspective on Public Administration - C6
    10 Perspective on International Relations and World History - C7
    11 Understanding Ambedkar - GE-3A
    12 Governance: Issues and Challenges - GE-3B
    13 Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective - C8
    14 Public Policy and Administration In India - C9
    15 Politics of Globalization - GE-4A
    16 United Nation Global Conflict - GE- 4B
    17 Global Politics C10
    18 Classical Political Philosophy - C11
    19 Indian Political Thought - C12
    20 Modern Political Philosophy - C13
    21 Indian Political Thought-II - C14
Mr. Ratul Mazumdar
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Political Science
Date of Joining : 2022-09-24
Contact Details : 9101944675,

Additional Responsibility :

Mrs. Zarifa Ahmed
Guest Lecturer,
Dept. of Political Science
Date of Joining : 2022-08-16
Contact Details : 9706702577,

Additional Responsibility :

Teaching programme, social activities motivational and counselling to senior secondary school in our nearby areas. We offer teaching in M. Com (Regular) classes in our college.

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