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The department of English came into existence in the year 1969 when the college was initially established. The department gave its contribution at the beginning as night college and later as full- fledged department. The department currently has two sanctioned post teachers along with one guest faculty. The department currently takes classes at HS, UG and even PG level and also offers Add On course on Soft Skills.

Objectives of the English Department:

• To provide students with highest quality of education in English literature, critical and creative writing skills as well as traditional and contemporary literature.
• To develop personality and skills among students through career orientated courses provided by the department.
• To train the students both in precision and in appropriate use of language through prose reading.
• To acquaint students with proper use of the English language.
• To enable students to read and appreciate various forms of literature and critically interact with different perspectives.
• To strengthen student’s ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing both at practical and theoretical level.

  • Courses Offered by English Department:

    o AECC-I
    o AECC-II
    o General English
    o Spoken English
Dr. Lakhimi Dutta
M. Phill, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Dept. of English
Date of Joining : 1997-01-16
Contact Details : 9435055695,

Additional Responsibility :
1. Convener: Extra-Curricular Committee
2. Convener: Committee against Sexual Harassment

Dr. Padma Nath Sharma
Associate Professor,
Dept. of English
Date of Joining : 1998-04-27
Contact Details : 9435057030,

Additional Responsibility :
Co-ordinator: IQAC
Convener: Counselling Cell

Mrs. Susmita Rajkhowa
Guest lecturer,
Dept. of English
Date of Joining : 2022-03-22
Contact Details : 9859037420,

Additional Responsibility :

Miss Priyam Borgohain
Guest lecturer,
Dept. of English
Date of Joining : 2023-01-17
Contact Details : 8638861716,

Additional Responsibility :

Programmes and Achievements:

The Department is actively involved in extension activities in the adopted village and other rural areas apart from that the department also offers soft skill sessions in government schools and colleges.

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